25th July 2017


Ecoterra was established in 2005. Since then their top priority was to care for the environment and to work with principles of a sustainable agriculture. The company is specialising in beef cattle breeding: Charolais – Canadian line, Limousin and Red Angus – on an experimental basis; as well as cultivating crops.
Nott Development Studios were asked to improve the company’s website while keeping the previous style, logo and some layout.

The project involved a lot of technical work as well as some graphical improvements. We started with the website’s audit, thanks to this we realised that it needs to be connected with Google Analytics as well registering as a business with Google itself. Originally the website was made on WordPress and in two languages, so we kept it this way while improving english-polish translation. During the redesign process we achieved better results in website’s loading time, SEO, better scroll and included SSL certificate that will increase the credibility of the site and encrypt the connection with server.


The old website required a new and fresher look. It wasn’t informative enough for the constantly growing Ecoterra company, it was very slow considering its size and wasn’t showing on Google business.


The old website had no connection with Facebook fan page, also no other social media accounts. Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram profiles were set up by us to implement links on the website. We agreed to teach a delegated person on how to use their social media so it will benefit their business.

While visiting the Farm we took a several photos to be used for creating gallery page (Flexbox gallery), also made an update on all social media accounts using those images.


At Nott Development Studios we believe in simple design, this is why we wanted to create a fresher look and feel while making the website more exciting for the viewer and to make it work well for the company itself. We proposed simplifying the menu while adding more content that is mostly related to the business as well as for the business growth.
Achieved that thanks to adding a new SERVICE, AWARDS & GALLERY page.
To improve graphics on the website we asked an illustrator to draw a few sketched of the cows, and a cartoon cow for 404 page – to make it more fun and for keeping(redirecting) the viewer on client’s website.


  • Simplifying home menu – it use to involve long titles.
  • Creating footer – We decided to include the home menu (for the better navigation), all contact details and the map – as it is most commonly used for website’s users.
  • Redesign of the header – including telephone number and social media icons.
  • Favicon – We had to keep the original logo therefore this part was limiting. We decided to keep the same style and designed the favicon by extracting the ring from rest of writing.
  • Responsive – Flexbox gallery – is one of the most innovative parts of this project thanks to which the viewer will have a chance to look at the images that are well presentable on all screen sizes.


Redesign of Ecoterra site was a fun project. We had a chance to work on many levels from creating imagery (Photography), suggesting improvements (Website Audit), connecting the loose ends ( creating social media channels and visibility on Google) and using our technical skills to deliver the fully functional, practical and attractive website.