Starting up is never easy…

It’s been our dream for a long time to start a company, and today we can finally announce that this dream has been achieved. We’re now an officially established company under the name ‘Nott Development Studios’.

Our team currently consists of 3 members; myself (Joel Murphy), and my team members Jack Rimell & Robert Moritz.

So what is the purpose of our business? We’re a Web Design & Development agency who specialises in creating beautifully crafted websites and Web applications.

So here we are at the new office after a busy few months of getting everything ready:

Nott Development Studios Office
Nott Development Studios Office

We’re located on the 15th floor at Cardiff’s Brunel house. Our office isn’t the biggest of offices, but we’re grateful that we actually have an office to start off with. On the plus side:- the view is absolutely lovely! Just check out this wonderful sunset shining over pretty much the entire of Cardiff 🙂

A nice sunset from the nott studios office
A nice view of the sunset from the Nott Studios office

So now that we’re all moved in and we have pretty much all of our I.T systems set up, it’s time to get to the hard task of pushing out our name and actually finding some work. Currently, we’re using our own personal assets for the office, but it would be really nice to get ourself established as a proper brand within the next few months so we can afford proper equipment. There’s just one thing that comes down to this – money.

Of course there is a lot of risk with the decision we’ve made to establish a company at our age, but for now we’re just excited to get started! Hopefully we’ll soon be earning enough to get us out of the negative zone and enough to employ more people into the company with a large client base.

On this note: If you know anyone who requires any sort of Web software development work done, please give us a shout via any of the methods listed on our website. Starting up is never easy, so please spread the word about us!

For now, that’s all from me. Stay tuned for more updates from Nott Studios via this blog, or via our social media channels.