Quiz Master Shop

All in the Cloud


Online Store

This ecommerce website doesn’t sell a physical product. It is mainly cloud based. To put it more in depth… Quiz Master Shop is a company that sells quizzes in an innovative and unique way. It lets the customer choose the length and difficulty of the content.

Our job was to produce a fully functional store that would include an easy to navigate front and back-end system but… that wasn’t the only thing!

We created the image of Quiz Master Shop. Found the name, the logo and the whole look & feel. The idea was to design a profile of a trustworthy and professional looking company.

The most time was spent on building the engine – a custom built algorithm.

Quiz Master Shop project required creation of an accounts for every customer. From account’s section a customers are able to generate rounds of questions, by using a number of options, such as category and difficulty. This information is then processed by our algorithm, it can create random rounds of questions within customer’s specification.