Big and Organic

Business Website

Ecoterra – a web design project for a large Farm based in Poland that is producing top quality beef.

The website needed a fresh look. It was outdated. We were asked to bring it back to life.

We used the client’s original template, all text and kept the colour pallete.

It seemed like a good idea to create something slightly different. We found an illustrator to draw for cows drawing. This idea helped to make the whole project slightly more eye catching.

By adding an instagram feed at the bottom of the website, we can clearly show how many things are actually happening on the Farm day-by-day.

Redesign of Ecoterra was a fun project. We had a chance to work on many levels from creating imagery (Photography), suggesting improvements (Website Audit), connecting the loose ends (creating social media channels and visibility on Google my business) and using our technical skills to deliver fully functional, practical and attractive website