Our Cookie Policy mk.2

The time has come to change our website. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Welsh version… and as such our cookie policy needs to change to reflect that. Instead of re-writting the whole lot, here’s the link to the original post: JOIN US! WE HAVE COOKIES

The use of cookies has changed. No longer they are used to remember the language settings. The current system is much bigger, way more powerful, and the cookies are now used to remember users, so that our staff doesn’t have to constantly log in.

As such, any normal user will not need cookies for anything, but they are still used, just in case we will want to add a knowledge base or support area. We are also thinking about an online shop, to sell few but absolutely awesome items. Organic honey, branded by us? Maybe we will go the way of Slack and try to sell you rubbish? Well marketed, but rubbish nonetheless. There are lots of options and possibilities.