Vote Johnnyman was a clean one page marketing campaign, aimed to target Cardiff University students to vote in the annual Students’ Union general elections.

Each year at the Cardiff University Students’ Union there’s an election to find the students who will be running the Union next year and each year a selection of students from all degree programmes and backgrounds apply to become a member of the Union committee.

All students running for a place on the committee are given an allowed budget and time sheet for which they’re allowed to market their campaigns. We were tasked with creating the marketing website for one of the candidates.

We decided to create an elegant and creative website with a dark theme to match the already created branding and posters. The name Johnnyman came from a fusion of Johnny (the student running for elections) and the superhero Superman. The design had to be eye catching and make sure to show off Johnny’s many talents. We made sure this was achieved with eye catching media and headlines.

Due to such a strict schedule we iterated the designs as much as possible in the several days we had to design to insure users would be caught.

The main feature of the site was a simplistic video which tells all what Johnny had been through and what he’s willing to go through to get the position of Student Welfare Officer for the Cardiff University Students’ Union. This video was the main focus of media that was to be presented on the website.

As the design was aimed towards students and since they aren’t always on their laptops and spend a lot of time traveling, on their phones, between lectures or going back home on the train, this required design to heavily accommodate a mobile browser. A responsive design is something that most clients ask for, but when an estimated 70% of users would be mobile, it was essential that the design was just as prominent and outstanding as it would be for desktop users.

Though this project was on a small timescale and required a demanding design to shout out to the voters, we successfully pulled off this website and helped Johnny get votes to help him hit his goal of becoming the Officer of Student Welfare.

Unfortunately, due to the nature and rules of these elections, we cannot show any pictures, videos or any other media in relation to this candidate’s marketing campaign.