Wolverson Fitness

21th December 2016


In 2004 Wolverson Fitness Ltd. recognised a big difference in the way people are exercising. The company was setup to provide a quality products designed to improve Human Performance and Physical Function. They are one of the first companies to realise the unique characteristics of the Competition and Pro-grade Kettlebell. As a pioneer in their industry Wolverson Fitness continues to deliver a high standard products to the UK’s market.


  • The old store required an update to the most recent ecommerce standards
  • A new, more modern look and migration of all products to the new store
  • As the client is selling via multiple channels it was apparent to create a centralised stock management system
  • Design a responsive online store that would fit into client’s branding
  • Clear wireframing and easy navigation was also one of the goals
  • Reducing cart abandon rates
  • Optimize product pages for higher conversions


We worked closely with our client to implement their vision and proposed by them solutions. Our proposition of creating categories and sort-by option helped with the site navigation. We advised the client to produce images with a white background for their products so it is clear for Wolverson’s customers what are they buying. Our offer on building a shipping script was replaced with a shipment application chosen by the client – Brightpearl.


Brightpearl is an application selected by the client to be used for centralising their stock management. We helped them to integrate it with the new Shopify store.
Mailing – The client’s base migration to MailChimp allowed syncing it with Shopify, therefore every client could potentially become a target for follow-on marketing in the future.
We are currently talking with Wolverson Fitness about creating a custom loan calculator, case study page design and implementation for proposed financing options.


Style: The client had a particular idea in mind, specific for their brand – bright green colour and strong, industrial background images. The header that was originally used in the template wasn’t to our client’s taste, we have fully re-designed it, concentrating on more fitness industry look, with a bold capital fonts that are standing out from the rest. Because the website had that strong look about it, we offered to keep the background as plain as possible. However our client decided to keep the feel of the old store, so we added the brick wall background to match it.
Images: The client provided all images: logo, favicon, banner, collection and product pictures.


Originally the Venture Shopify template was limited in search options to what our client needed. Embedded by us system helped to divide products using tags and eventually helping their customers with search. We migrated the old store’s data to one Shopify platform and adjusted chosen template to fit our previously agreed design, header, collection and product pages. A few other tweaks were made: product pages – pagination; home page – more collection images, created news and about us section.


By creating a written manual we helped the client to understand how to run store’s backend. From the date of accomplishing the project we run 3 months free service that eventually leading to signing a retainer contract.
Although the store is fully run by Wolverson Fitness we always near to help with bigger problems if needed and advice on the best for the client solutions.


“When looking to make an improvement and diversification for our online sales program Nott Development Studios offered not just a website but also great advice and bespoke solutions based upon our unique requirements. The store was built quickly and efficiently with great design input.
NDS also helped with the Implementation of new sites sales channels with our new CMS system, this really helped keep the project on schedule and was unexpected.
The after sales service has also been second to none, I have been responsible for 5 websites over a 10 year period and can honestly say that the help, guidance and implementation provided by the team at NDS has been the best I have experienced.”


At the beginning of 2017 the client came back to us with more work. The challenge was focused on web development mainly, as well as helping in spreading word about the company.


We firstly started on a homepage improvement. The original template was very limited. We decided to include more content to attract a larger audience and to encourage new customers to stay longer on the website.
Our original idea was to include testimonials, a video of the best selling product, NEW IN STORE and BEST DEALS collections of products (to always be visible and updated). We also added an Instagram feed that is always visible above the footer and connected with client’s Instagram account.

Header and Footer.
Because we were asked to develop an additional functional pages the Header and Footer needed a slight adjustments. More icons and links had to be added.

In the header we made: create an account/login/logout options more visible and available, also made a search box slightly larger, added a Quote Generator icon. The header gained a new box below, that can be closed on a larger screens. The box is a link to a new page: Financial Calculator.

In the Footer we created another column for all INFORMATION pages and linked them together. We left the most important links that customers will expect to find there, also added the client’s address and nicely arranged social media icons. Added feedback link will help us to receive positive and negative comments for the website’s and service improvements.


A three new pages were created to save the client’s time on answering never ending phone calls and emails.

Quote Generator: https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/pages/quote-generator – Will help to gather all information faster from client’s customers about what are they looking for to buy.

Financial Calculator (in collaboration with Kennet Equipment Leasing): https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/pages/wolverson-finance-options Will help to establish the best financing options for all business customers.

Custom Rigs: (https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/products/bespoke-rigging-service) That product is custom made. Creating Custom Rigs generator will help the client to establish what exactly their customer need.

All those pages will be helpful in starting a conversation with new customers faster and more in depth.


Nott Development Studios re-designed Homepage banners to fit all screen sizes on the website. We alse made a few more social media banners for store’s new products (Facebook and Twitter).


To create another way for customers to contact the client’s customer service we linked the store with Facebook messenger (as free app that can help with communication).
Installed Reviews App is slowly gathering more feedback from the happy customers.
We added a RELATED PRODUCTS section below every product to prompt for more sale. Slightly re-designed collection pages are now more pleasant for an eye.


By creating an AdWords campaigns we are hoping to gain more traffic to the site and bring our client more sale. That part is in progress and to be reviewed in 2 months.