Quiz Master Shop

12th March 2018


Quiz Master Shop is a company that sells quizzes in an innovative and unique way. It let the customer choose the length and content of their quiz to suit their needs. All questions are being checked regularly to make sure they are up to date.


  • Creating a fully functional store that includes an easy to navigate front and back-end system
  • Create a brand (name, logo, look & feel)
  • Finding the right template and implement it to suit the brand. Creating an image of a trustable company, professional about checking questions and answers and provides a high-quality product.
  • A collection setup
  • Applications setup and customization
  • Wireframing
  • Shopify payment setup or other Payment Gateway
  • Shopify information pages (ie. Privacy Policy)
  • Personalised check out page
  • Branded customer notifications
  • Personalised cookies
  • Connect with Google analytics
  • Domain research and linking


One of the first things to do was finding the name and create a brand (logo, look and feel of the website).
Next step was to design an ecommerce website which would facilitate sale of questions. The site would require creation of an account for every customer. From account’s section a customer will generate rounds of questions, by using a number of options, such as category, difficulty etc.

This information will be then processed by a custom built algorithm, it will create a random rounds of questions within the options chosen by a customer, who will not receive the same question twice.

Once rounds are generated, an email will be send to a client with either a downloadable link, or a PDF attachment.
If there are no questions left in a specified category, customer will be notified about it as soon as possible. Same applies if there are not enough questions left to create a full round.
Customers will purchase credits, which will be used to generate rounds of questions.


The idea behind the logo design was to show connection between the letter “Q” for Quiz and a magnifying glass that represents so valuable for this type of industry: Research. We always must be up to date with most recent facts to deliver a high standard of service.
The font for Quiz Master meant to bring a typewriter style in mind. “SHOP” is a classy addition and big part of branding representing ecommerce store.

It is essential that the logo be used properly to preserve the integrity of what it represents. This mark is only to be used in black or white fonts and red Q sign.

Both family fonts (Roboto Slab and Lato) belong to Humanist serifs.

Humanist serifs. Sometimes called “Old Style,” this is the very first kind of Roman typeface. The letters are derived from a pen held at a consistent angle, creating a steady, readable rhythm. This is the style of type most commonly used for books and other longform text, so they make good paragraph fonts.” – Wikipedia.

Main colours – are the most familiar colours from all, Black, Red and White are the basic colours that many people can associate with. This palette choice will present a trustworthy and confident brand.

Secondary colours – used as a background colours and as support to our main colour palette. They shouldn’t be used too often to not become too overpowering.

Quiz Master Shop is an authentic and professional brand who listen to its customers. The brand to be portrayed as an authentic and trustworthy by offering up-to-date content. If Quiz Master Shop was a person he/she would be a clever and caring being, loyal to his/hers friends, outgoing. Someone who can create a great community, be passionate and inspiring.

Other words supporting the brand style: Fun, competitive, knowledgeable, responsible, fresh, professional, stylish, convenient.

We are NOT: Outdated, boring, tacky.


Following that branding style we will set up accounts and create links to:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google account set up
  • Google G Suite setup (from £3.30/month)


Awaiting feedback