15th November 2015


Promixx Ltd. is a company behing Promixx vortex mixer. In their own words:

“Lets face it, shaking just doesn’t cut it!
Ever-advancing manufacturing processes and an increased consumer awareness is driving the transition towards a higher grade of natural health products. Many of these nutriceutical and functional food products are difficult to mix and unpleasant to consume.
Consumers had to choose between the inferior materials and unsatisfactory results of ‘shaker bottles’, or the non-portable and time-consuming alternative of a blender. Studies also suggest that the mechanical stress caused by blending can compromise our health supplements.
After establishing there was clearly a need for PROMiXX in the market, we set out to design a product that was without compromise – both in functionality and aesthetics.
For 18 months, our lives were consumed with the development of PROMiXX. We’ve researched how we can maximize the vortex action by combining the optimal shapes of both the blade and vessel; the power of the motor needed to effectively mix a broad spectrum of powdered nutritionals; the length of the drive shaft and how this effects torque; the list goes on. To create a truly fit for purpose, high-end product, we didn’t want to leave anything to chance.”


We were tasked with finishing the website, and with migration of products. The design was already picked and agreed upon.


The design has been picked and agreed upon before giving the task of implementation to us. We have completed all parts of the design and improved on a few points, all within very short deadline.
We created a few cool little CSS tricks, which Promixx likes a lot.


After the project ended, we have made a few further adjustments to their website. The company has since hired on more people, therefore any further adjustments to the website are done by Promixx in-house.