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Shopify – Mailchimp integration & GDPR

Let us tell you how Shopify – Mailchimp integration works.


Every email address you collect on your website, whether that’s through checkout, or the newsletter sign-up form, creates a Customer within Shopify Admin.

Depending on the path taken by a user, this Customer will have different amount of information filled out. If they go through checkout, and select “Accept Marketing”, they will have a lot of details, such as name, surname, email, delivery address, billing address, phone number etc.

If, however, they use the newsletter sign-up form, it will only hold their email address, nothing else.

Every so often (10 minutes or so), Mailchimp checks with your list of Customers on Shopify, and adds any new emails.


Here’s the confusing part.


Because of the way this integration works, these new users are not actually counted as newly signed up, but rather as a new import (as if you added them yourself).

What you are trying to do is called Double Opt-in ( If you want to follow the steps outlined here, it will work only for the newsletter sign-up form (after modifying it heavily), but the checkout sign-ups will be ignored.

What you need to do, is create an Automation within Mailchimp, which is triggered whenever a new user joins the list

This is how such an Automation looks like for one of our other clients. It’s a welcome message which gets send to every new subscriber, regardless of the source (manually added, imported, signed up through a form somewhere else etc).


Here is a guide on creating Automation:


Then, when you get to the Design Email part, select Themes, and in there you will be able to filter the results (what we are looking for is Notifications) and that will reduce the number of results. One of the Themes is a GDPR notification. Select that, modify it however you want and you are good to go.


What do you need to do is create 2 Campaigns with Automation.


1) Welcome Email which tells people they have signed up and can unsubscribe if they’ve done so by accident. (again, there are templates for that).


2) GDPR Notice which will be sent only once (and as such you don’t need Automation), to your whole list. This will allows subscribers to modify their subscription (stay or leave).


There are plenty of ways to accomplish what you want. We believe you already created a new List, which deals with GDPR issue, if not let us know and we might be able to help you.


Positive Partnership

Quiz Master Shop does not sell “Widgets”. It doesn’t sell items that can be stacked on shelves and shipped through the post. It doesn’t sell a range of products that will appear in a catalogue, from which the customer chooses.

Quiz Master Shop sells quizzes. In fact, Quiz Master Shop is a totally new way to buy quizzes.

Most quiz web sites provide all their customers with, essentially, the same quizzes; however, we allow the customer to tailor their quiz to meet their exact requirements. The customer can choose:

  • The precise number of rounds that they need to fit into the time they have available for a quiz.
  • The exact subjects for each of these rounds based on their clientele’s interests.
  • The correct degree of difficulty for each of these subjects, to match their customers.

Furthermore, they can download the quizzes as and when they want, but, to make things even easier for them, they can subscribe and receive a customised quiz every week, month, or whenever they want.

And this is completely different from selling “Widgets”.

Only one e-commerce supplier was up to the task, and Nott Development Studios is working with Quiz Master Shop in a partnership to deliver a solution. NDS is producing an innovative and creative implementation of our innovative and creative method of delivering quizzes to our customers.

Not only have they produced a high-quality and attractive web site, but also they are developing a powerful and ingenious database search engine that can generate quiz rounds to Quiz Master Shop’s exact specification. Furthermore the two companies are collaborating on an e-marketing strategy to attract traffic to the site and to harvest subscribers.

Quiz Master Shop’s slogan is Get what you want, not what you’re given. This could be NDS’s motto too, as we’re getting exactly what we want.

Becoming a freelance Web Designer

Becoming a freelancer is a good idea if you know you can be really strict with yourself. You won’t have a boss to keep on nagging you to do the job, you need to be 2in1. Personally I found that was the hardest thing to do at the beginning. It is all up to you how you going to do things and how you will approach a client, which projects to take and which not. Until you get into a routine of doing things, it might feel like a real struggle. It is always harder to learn good habits and those bad – die hard. Since now you don’t have a regular income you must learn to plan ahead. You will also have to learn the best way to deal with people and workload.

Modern era customer service.

In the modern world customer service seems to be much different to what it use to be. Some deals are done even without people meeting face-to-face for example, where other times you can actually be lucky to meet your possible client in a real world.

Let’s talk about the first case. From our experience when finding new clients from online platforms the most important thing would be to show what you can do or what you have done in the past and how you can help to improve their business. It is all pretty simple if you have a great portfolio but obviously the tricky bit is when you are a newby.

Getting your first client.

How do you draw attention and actually get the job signed, if you have little to show?
Unfortunately there is no other way than to just do it.

You can offer a discount, however in digital world discounts aren’t recommended. In my opinion it is good for groceries products in supermarkets but not for any creative work!  You must learn to use your common sense before you gain more experience.

Trust your gut! If you feel that working for this client is right and you can benefit in a long run then it’s surely worth it. You obviously must give your 100% but most importantly you should know your worth and stick to it as confidence is the key.

Start small, do work for your friends and family. Practice by learning from YouTube and experts like Go to free meetup groups, seminars and talk with as many people as you can. There are a several websites and applications like upwork, Guru and many others, where freelancers and agencies are meeting for work. There are many jobs being offered however rates aren’t high – so if you are expecting a big pay, maybe that place isn’t for you.

If you can’t make it right – get it done.

Get as much done as possible, build your portfolio and keep on keepin on!

Yes, easily said than done, right?! But it is what it is and if you want it as badly as you want to breathe then there will be no other way, you will eventually have clients coming to you!

The work must be done first, so read blogs, books related to your business, speak with people from the industry on any occasion. Take your chances when they come to you. Be aware when it happens.

You now found a client.

The job been agreed and you think it’s over and expecting to be paid.
What do you do next when that client becomes more demanding and asking you to do more work? How to deliver an exceptional customer service without going mad? Where do you draw a line between delivering outstanding customer service and your sanity?

For this you must be prepared before you start working on a project. Have a well written contract stating the obvious and not so obvious situations. Provide clear milestones and the payment plan. This will help you in situations like this, you will be able to avoid doing extra work for free. Once it is written and signed, between you and your client, they must pay extra for your time, or they must pay even if they change their mind. Because the work was done.

Relationship with your clients.

There are many ways, styles, systems on how to do things, the most important is to build a trustworthy relationship with your potential clients. Without the trust there is no business. That work both ways. If you gain connection with a possible client, who is just an another human as you are, if you gain that trust then you get the job!

That’s why it is so much easier to get work from your family and friends, although you can not do it forever as it is not a sustainable way. You will have to go out of your comfort zone and find clients outside of those circles.

Don’t worry, after doing it for a several months you will have no problem speaking with “strangers”. It will be a part of the game.

The best thing about it is that if you try and it won’t work, you can always change your strategy, plan your goals and do it again. There is no wrong – just an experience and more you gain the better you become!

Good luck!

A short guide to good ecommerce.

Most of us are creatures of habit. Aren’t we? Once we like something we will usually get back to it again. This is why good ecommerce store should be designed in a familiar for everyone interface style, creating pleasant shopping experience. There are many industry standards that are helping to create user friendly websites. You could follow the rules or ignore, either way it will have an impact on a website’s usability and overall your income. This subject is immense so in the text below I’ve covered only few examples, nevertheless I hope it will help you to get an idea. Read More

Shopify. What, where and how?

Some time ago we created a Shopify Manual, which explains how to use the platform.

In most cases, companies do not have a dedicated online store person, so they need to train a few people, if not the whole team. The manual was created to help with that (and to reduce the quantities of emails asking about adding products, but you didn’t hear me say that).

You can sign-up for 14 days free trial of Shopify. If you do, you can follow this tutorial to learn the basics of Shopify store management.

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Costs for building ecommerce website

You have a great product which is now ready to be sold online. There are many ways you can approach it. First of all you should take your budget into consideration. Once you have an estimate of it you will be able decide if you wish to do it yourself or if you would like to employ someone who can do it for you. There are many freelancers or small and larger ecommerce design companies that provide this sort of services. The quality of an end-product will depend on the designer’s skills and their knowledge in building an ecommerce.

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Project Milestones


Recently we’ve heard that a lot of businesses in our area have problems with Web Designers taking money for projects and not delivering anything. We are a new company, and as such we don’t have a huge portfolio of happy clients, so we needed to address this issue so people are more willing to trust us. We don’t want people wondering if we’ll actually do the work they are paying for, it’s bad for PR and the lot.

We already had a system to keep track of all the work we are doing, including different projects, clients, bugs and the lot. We decided to use that same system, upgraded a little, to incorporate milestones, and client logins.
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Social media dashboard

Social media dashboard is an in-house web application which helps us manage all of our social media accounts. It’s aim is to help reach to clients in an efficient manner. The project started out as a small University project to try and push the boundaries of informatics in social media on Twitter, but it soon became a huge codebase to support multiple social media providers.

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