We are web design studio with a focus on online shops.

Working for clients in the UK, USA, France and Poland since 2015.

What we do

We specialise in developing beautifully crafted bespoke websites designed and optimised for all devices, created to the latest web standards and technologies.


We provide fast and reliable web hosting with a 99.9% uptime. We use cloud hosting with native SSDs on a high speed 40Gbps network.


Need a trusted partner to look after and nurture your website or online shop to ensure it’s up to the minute with the latest content and designs? We’ve got you covered!


The reason a website is successful is actually pretty easy to define being, in our view … a marriage of Aesthetics and Usability.

Put another way, good graphic design meets an easy and intuitive customer orientated interface.

Are you a business owner?

At Nott Studios we truly believe that every old or new business deserves a beautiful website. We can provide design solutions that are unique for every client. Nott Studios has a very flexible approach that responds to the the requirements of the most demanding clients and budget sizes.

First of all we will send you a Brief. This will allow us to open a discussion and understand your project scope. Especially to evaluate how big the project is and how much time is needed to accomplish it.

After that we will send you a Proposal that will be tailored to your requirements. It will outline proposed style of work and all costs.

Next stage will be design and more in depth specification. Working closely with you, designers and developers a web design concept will be created with all details and technical information to support our case.

During implementation at Nott Studios we will continue to review the designs with you throughout the process and provide on-going support to eventually deliver the highest quality project.

Who are we?

Magdalena Piekarska

Graphic/UX Designer
Mags is a Graphic Designer and will be the first person to contact you and deal with all the nitty gritty side of the project. She has many years of experience in design, layout, UX and UI design. She is also a world traveler and loves surfing and horse riding. If she is not at her computer you can probably find her at the beach or in the yard.

Robert Moritz

Sailor, hiker, scuba diver, gamer, book reader. Passionate about Serverless and Web Accessibility